Info & Disclaimer

Please use responsibly. Keep out of the reach of children and irresponsible adults.

Remember that fire steels produce a spark at 5400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Do not scrape in the direction of anyone. Do not scrape towards anything that you do not want to catch fire. Keep sparks from hitting clothing. Do not use indoors.  

The enclosed fire steel handle is made by hand from hand picked Fatwood from the southeast. Each one we produce is unique. Sometimes several can be similar but no two are ever the same. We make plain handles,  and unique ones that have "Character". They are sealed so that the tar does not get on your hands. Do not leave in direct sun light for this can cause the tar to leak from the handle. The standard Ferro rod we use is 5/16" in diameter and gives about 2 1/2" of striking surface. Each one comes with a scrapper,  practice piece of fatwood, and a 33" long 550 paracord adjustable necklace.

There are many different methods of how to use a fire steel. Go to YouTube and see how others do it. Then practice and chose what works for you the best.  The tender you use will sometimes dictate the method. If you are using something easily flammable you do not want to get close. If you are using a small cotton ball or fine hairy scrapings of fatwood, then you can get closer, but not too close, and aim the sparks. Be careful not push your hand in a place where the hot sparks may land. Just like with any method of fire starting whether matches or a lighter, if not used properly you can burn yourself. Use with caution and care. Wearing leather gloves is good protection.

We encourage you to practice many methods and perfect them all. Stay away from any highly flammable liquids or gases. If you prepare your fire lay properly, the fatwood tender is one of the best you will ever find. It works even if the handle gets wet.

When using our fire steel, we suggest you use the spine of a knife, axe, machete or the provided super scraper to scrape off "fuzzy pieces" of fatwood to a quarter size pile or larger if needed. Then place the fire steel facing at a slight angle almost straight down just in front of the pile and scrape hard and quickly towards the pile. Watch where the sparks are landing and adjust forwards or backwards as needed. Also, one key detail is to let your pointy finger stop the travel of the scraper downward so that you do not put out the flame that you just created. (Again, be careful not to push your hand on top of the hot sparks). If done properly, it should not take more than 3 strikes to ignite a small pile of fatwood scrapings.

A side note: the fire steel will get better as you use it. As it wears down you are able to grab more sparks because it will start to flatten the cylinder. The 5/16 diameter fire steels usually last for around 2000 to 3000 strikes.

We do plan on having more videos to show these techniques. There are some good videos on YouTube, be careful who you trust. Try them all and find one that works for you.

Thank you for helping us get the word out about our product. We think it is a great idea for those who love the outdoors. Hope you enjoy yours.


Jeff Harrelson, Owner

Visioneering Woodworks Inc. / Fatwood Fire Steels